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The Dewi-Prys Thomas Prize

The triennial Dewi-Prys Thomas Prize is Wales's prestigious award that recognizes the importance of good design to the quality of life, identity and regeneration of Wales. It appreciates projects of excellence in a wide range of fields:

• Architecture
• Landscape design and public spaces
• Environmental improvements, sustainability projects and civil engineering
• Public art.

In all of these, projects and initiatives that display the following characteristics are rewarded:

• Excellence: demonstrating the highest quality of thinking, design and execution
• Utility: fulfilling their essential function simply and effectively
• published works that make a difference to the quality of design in Wales
• campaigning, educating and contributing to better design.

The Dewi-Prys Thomas Prize 2012 was awarded on 30 November 2012. To download the 2012 prize brochure, which includes the judges' report, click here.

Celebrating good design, and passion for good design, in the built environment in Wales

Described by Patrick Hannay, the editor of 'Touchstone: the magazine for architecture in Wales', as 'Wales's most important architectural award', it celebrates the life of Dewi-Prys Thomas, an inspirational teacher and advocate for Wales and the Welsh environment. Dewi-Prys, who died in 1985, cared deeply about Wales and the Welsh environment and the prize seeks to capture this inspirational and passionate spirit.